HOMEPaintball Barn

An outdoor recreation facility

There are always quite a few questions that are asked by those folks new to the sport. And yes, it is a sport! Hopefully this information will answer some of your questions, but please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about paintball.

  • CLOTHING: Wear old clothes, you will get dirty. Remember, you are going to have to get back in your car so either wear something you can easily remove or bring something to cover your dirty hide.
  • EQUIPMENT: We rent everything you are going to need to play. When you rent you will receive a paintball marker, the air that makes the paintballs fly, and a mask that protects your eyes, ears, forehead and chin.
  • GAMES: There are many games to play with paintball, but the most common is simply a game of elimination. One team works against another to see how quickly all the players on the opposite team can be eliminated. During competition, we play a game of capture the flag, with each team trying to be the first to get the flag and deposit it on the opposite side of the playing field.
  • PAINT: The paintballs are made of biodegradable material and are made in a similar way as those cold capsules you may have taken. Yes, you could eat a paintball...but it would not taste very good. Paintballs are filled with a liquid that is colored so there are all kinds of colors of paintballs available. They will break on you and mark you with a color that will usually wash out.
  • PAIN: The first question that is usually asked is, "Does it hurt?" Well, it can sting at times, but the worst it feels is like being snapped with a towel.  Most times, it is hardly noticeable.  We have 10 year olds playing every weekend.  We minimize the sting by enforcing a minimum shooting distance, limiting gun speed to a safe level, and only selling top quality paintballs that don't feel like you're getting hit with rocks.